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#2d - Croissant, Whole Wheat and Ciabatta (6hrs) 10am-4pm (June 30, 2019)

Spend a day with family and friends.

Includes 3 recipes, a snack...

Duration : 6h
#9d - The essentials Workshop (Puff Pastry, Pastry, Shortbread) (6 hrs)

Learn how to make puff pastry, pastry and Shortbread. 

Spend a day with family or frien...

Duration : 6h
#9e English Muffins Workshop & 5 Bio Flour Bread (3 hrs) - May 10, 2017

Includes 2 recipes. More details coming soon.

    Duration : 6h
    #8d Bagel Workshop (6hrs)

    Includes 3 recipes (Bagels, Naan and Pita breads) a snack and a lunch. ...

    Duration : 6h