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At The Bread Essentials, we’re creating wonderful Breads and Pastries – we create, we add flavor, we simplify. By giving people the opportunity to bake, eat and shop with us, TBE is a different kind of neighbourhood bakery destination. You can enjoy a lesson and savour the product of your hard work and buy the needed tools to reproduce at home what you’ve learned with us or simply order some of our baked goods to enjoy with family and friends in the comfort of your home.

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Amateurs of breads will love that we try to use only the essential and the best ingredients to make our baked goods. We take every precaution to attend to allergies such as Nuts and Gluten Free allergies. The story begins with the owner Josée who has more than 20 years of experience has a seasoned business manager for American Companies while cultivating for the past 10 years her passion for making bread and learning the art with French Bakers in Montreal. While learning, she stumbled upon this fantastic French Baker and his wife with whom a strong connection developed over time. After many months of discussions, it was agreed that Josée would continue their business and move it to Toronto.

In recent years Josée developed a gluten allergy and struggled to find quality and tasteful bakery and pastry products, a motivation to work at improving current offering. Don't be surprised to see some ingredients, products and workshops addressing the gluten free market.

Come and join us, whether to find a missing tool or accessory, flours and other vital ingredients to make your bread at home or to participate in one of the workshop.

We look forward to see you!

The Bread Essentials