We had the pleasure to get the visit of Peter from Neighbür who took 2 nice pictures September 2nd. One where we are civilized...
Left to wright: Arianne, Patricia, Marc, Josée, and Katie (Jane and Martha are on a well deserved vacation) ... And one picture where we are ourselves...
Left to wright: Arianne, Patricia, Josée, Marc, and Katie (Jane and Martha on a well deserved vacation).
Last year 

Left to wright: Patricia, Jane, Katie, Martha, and Josée, also missing for this picture are Arianne and Sarah who work part time.

The story begins with the owner Josée. With more than 20 years of business experience running startups in various fields, she also had a deep love of baking. Learning the art of bread making from bakers in Montreal, where she is from, Josee made a strong connection to one French baker, and over many months of discussion, she decided to buy their bakery business, and move it to West Toronto, where she and her family live. While discovering her love for baking and food, she also learned how food directly affects our bodies, and sought help with some chronic health conditions that started to slow her down. It turns out, Josée had developed a gluten allergy in her forties. Struggling to find high quality, delicious bakery and pastry products, she was motivated to expand her repertoire, and develop her gluten free recipes for tasty and healthful breads and baking.

After several roadblocks, Josée finally was able to open her dream bakery, using no preservatives and no additives, with baking workshops in the evenings and weekends. She then developed a baking schedule that could safely bake gluten free breads while baking regular breads: each week was divided, so Tuesdays and Wednesdays were dedicated gluten free, Thursdays through Saturday were dedicated to regular baking. After two and a half years of this system, the responsibilities of maintaining a healthy environment for a growing clientele looking for gluten free foods for health reasons became more of a burden than the dream she had envisioned. Desperate for a solution, Josée talked to a business friend and it became apparent that the only way to survive would be to dedicate the entire bakery to gluten free baking, with a hope of someday opening a separate bakery for her beloved artisanal, regular-gluten breads.

Josée then started the process transitioning the bakery to fully Gluten Free. This is how, July 30th, 2019 The Bread Essentials became entirely Gluten Free and Nut Free. The reception of the news by the Gluten Free and Celiac community was fantastic. Confirmation of Gluten-Free Certified status, awarded by the Canadian Celiac Society as of October 1 st , 2019, meant a newly confident group of clients could come to the bakery, no longer afraid of cross-contamination.

Today, we are working to solidify our presence as a Dedicated Gluten Free and Nut Free Bakery and a go-to source for all products GF and NF.

Come on in! Whether to find a missing tool or accessory, specialty (gluten free) flours, mixes and other ingredients to make your food at home, or to pick-up nutritious, delicious and sometimes decadent treats we have everyday at The Bread Essentials!

"I just wanted to send you guys a note because I just received a delivery from you, and trying your bread for the first time. This is the best gluten free bread I have ever had, and I have been on a search for years and nothing has ever tasted as good as this. And challah too!! Never been happier. Thank you :)" - Samantha H.
"We recently visited your shop and enjoyed some sour dough, olive bread, and amazingly egg free butter tarts. All gluten free. My wife was in heaven." - David