What do you have Gluten Free in the bakery?

  • The entire bakery is Gluten Free.
  • The owner/baker and her daughter are also Gluten Free.
  • We are Certified Gluten Free! (since October 1st, 2019)

Why can’t you cut my bread? We cannot slice warm bread:

  • It tears the dough.
  • It makes the slices stick to each other.

When can you cut bread?

  • On a non-humid day, we can usually cut bread in the afternoon.
  • Best time to cut bread is when it has cooled to room temperature.

How do I keep my bread as fresh, as long as possible, at home?

  • We do not use preservatives, and only the minimum of sugar (a preservative) so: slice it, bag it, and freeze it (is the best).
  • The bread will mold within a day if left on the counter.
  • It is best when kept in a fridge or freezer from day 1; simply toast, or warm up, slices as needed.

Is shipping available?

  • For the GTA, we have partnered with a courier. They calculate cost based on postal code.
  • Outside of Toronto we use Canada Post; BUT due to Covid-19, shipping times aren’t guaranteed, so freshness can be a problem. You are welcome to make a separate arrangement: please contact the bakery directly.
  • Delivery is available Tuesday to Saturday, Preorders are done 48 hours in advance.

Do you have all breads all the time?

  • No. We alternate the kind of breads we bake because we literally can’t: all our bread is baked, from scratch, in-house. Croissants, too! It is ALWAYS best to pre-order online, or call us, to make sure we have the bread you want.

What is your loyalty program?

  • Purchases over $15 before tax earn 10 points (limit of 10 pts. per day)
  • At 100 points, you get $10 off your next purchase!
  • We need your name, and email, to add you to our program