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UNFI (Quesava)

Sweet Potato Ravioli By Quesava (425g)

Sweet Potato Ravioli By Quesava (425g)

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Plant-based, Gluten-free, Preservative free & free of hydrogenated fats. 

Ingredients: Cassava flour, Water, Yams, Chickpea flour, Potatoes, Organic non-GMO project verified RSPO palm oil, Onion, Xanthan gum, Pure salt, Garlic, Psyllium husk, Jalapeno peppers, Cilantro, Spices.

Instructions: Appliances vary in power these instructions are a guide only. Adjust times if partially or fully thawed. The filling of these ravioli is fully cooked. Method 1; Coat them in oil, poach in an oiled pan of 1/4” of boiling water on medium with the lid on for 3-6 minutes, remove lid and poach to finish for 2-4 minutes. Add pre-heated sauce of your choice, season and serve. Method 2; Cook in boiling water for 4-6 minutes until they float, remove one at a time with a slotted spoon into pre-heated sauce and serve.

Storage: Keep frozen or refrigerated after thawing. Best used within 7 days after thawing. Shelf Life: Frozen for up to 12 months.

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