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ON SALE FOR $10.99 - Lasagne pasta by De Tacchi

ON SALE FOR $10.99 - Lasagne pasta by De Tacchi

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Pasta made entirely (100%) from our Maranello corn.

Approved as gluten-free with ministerial certification and therefore available for prescription under the national health
system for people suffering from coeliac disease, it is particularly suitable for persons intolerant to gluten or
for those who are simply looking for a viable alternative to durum-wheat pasta.

• Produced by means of a particular slow-drying process. It contains no gluten or any other ingredient in addition to the
corn flour and remains firm and full of flavour.
• The variety of the proposed range allows for the combination of the products with any type of sauce, with the added value
of the characteristic and persistent flavour of the corn.
• The pasta must be cooked in plenty of water and placed in the saucepan when the water is boiling; electric/gas burners
should remain at a high temperature as it is cooked. For optimal preparation it is best to taste the pasta to check the


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