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The Bread Essentials

Basket #1 The Essentials Basket Sourdough Free Form Bread

Basket #1 The Essentials Basket Sourdough Free Form Bread

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An assortment of our free form sourdough breads. They are all naturally vegans.

1 x Olive 

1 x rosemary 

1 x Sundried Tomato

1 x Multigrain

1 x Wholegrain

1 x White

2 x baguettes

2 x Dinner Rolls

Slicing is a big topic, the sourdoughs do not like mechanic slicing (creates grainy texture in the center), they prefer being sliced at home with a cerated knife and a little bit of olive oil and love. Should you prefer to have your sourdough sliced, we need to know 3 hours ahead of pick up to ensure we can do what it takes to be able to slice it.

During our proofing process, all of the organic cane sugar used to feed the dough and the levain is converted into healthy organic acids, leaving no sugar!

Thank you for your understanding!!! 

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