Frozen Vegan Chocolate croissant (6) -by order only

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Frozen Vegan Chocolate croissant (6) -by order only

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The Bread Essentials signature croissants. Flakey and flavourful, a gluten free must have!

available in butter, vegan, butter/chocolate, and vegan/chocolate.

Ingredients: TBE Croissant Flour blend (brown rice, white rice, tapioca), water, sugar, tapioca flour, coconut milk powder, yeast, salt, xanthan gum, pectin, guar gum, salt, unsalted butter or margarine. Chocolate sticks.

Instructions to bake croissants at home


For morning croissants

1.     Night before, take croissants out of the freezer and put in your fridge on a tray

2.     In the morning, preheat the oven at 350 Fahrenheit

3.     Egg wash the croissants or use any vegan substitute (coconut oil, margarine, etc)

4.     Once oven is at 350, bake your croissants for 15-20 minutes or until golden to your liking.

5.     Enjoy!


You can also take them out of the freezer at room temperature 2 hours before baking covered with a loose plastic. Preheat your oven and follow steps 3 to 5!!!!

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